The best habit ever developed – The habit of Making

Over the ages, human beings have acquired a tendency, or may I say a ‘habit’ to be precise, one that’s hard to abscond. And that is about making things. Human beings love to make things, manifesting their thoughts into tangible bits and pieces (directly or indirectly).
Consider this instance, you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your girlfriend, you wait and wait, look around for a while until your eyes fall at an unsuspecting tissue paper. You pick it up and the very next moment you are drawing a human figure on it which resembles the lady sitting in front of you (or at least you think so). The credibility of such an instance taking place is very high, at least from what I have observed and learnt waiting for various people at different eateries.
Also the most remarkable thing is how that habit of making stuff has transcended from one form to another, adapting itself to keep up with the times. From early men painting on the walls to graphic designers making the computer screen their canvas, the process of making has been ceaseless.
And that brings me to the digital era we are living in. It’s an era in which the process of making stuff has become even more awesome. It’s an era where everyone is a creator, a maker, an author (think blogging), a musician (think of all the software and other stuff that are making the process of creating music so easier) etc. Not only the ‘making’ is easier nowadays, it’s even easier to distribute your stuff. In short, digitization and inter-connectivity are the best things that have ever happened to our habit of making stuff, and one can only hope and work for even better things happening in the future.
I accept the fact there are many cons to the digitization stuff (we’ll talk about them later), but one can’t exclude the fact that the pros outweigh the cons.

Next Post – Creating content, failing and winning, and grabbing consumers’ attention.


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