Creating content, failing and winning, and grabbing consumer’s attention

We are consumers. In this golden era of creating, there’s much more content than there ever was. People are consuming content like never before. Content that’s funny, intriguing, touching, informative and most importantly… interesting.

Now given the fact that creating content and distributing it has become much more easier and that there are more consumers than before, does that mean that anything you will create will be gobbled up by the people? Does that mean if you are a maker, you can make a lot of content just by making content?

Well the answer, and everybody knows it, is NO. In this digital era where a lot of great content is available for free, where it’s hard to grab people’s attention than ever, how you make your content stand out in such a monstrous crowd? There’s no definite answer.

And after you realize how difficult it is just to grab attention, to get noticed, the idea of making money may seem preposterous.

Well…. it’s not, it’s not impossible to make some profits out of your content or (in case you are not interested in making money) to get the attention that your content deserves.

Yes, there are different rules according to the type of content you are creating, but nothing can be guaranteed. So what, you fail, yes you do, at least for once.

“But I believe, the staircase towards success has a lot of steps called failure.”

So what in this world you can actually do to be recognized, well… as a maker one thing you can surely do is make stuff. And just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should be making it, until and unless you are able to enjoy your creations yourself as a consumer. There are people out there, a lot of them, hungry for content that’s funny, intriguing, touching, informative and interesting (as fore mentioned). So make you content just like that and even if you fail, just remind yourself, you are a step closer to success.

May the force be with you.

Next Post – The creator’s ego and why it is bad for you. 

3 thoughts on “Creating content, failing and winning, and grabbing consumer’s attention

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  2. I think your concluding paragraph has several great ideas; the concept that ‘one should create with an eye to consume it oneself’ is an idea that I have been mulling over a lot recently ^_^. For me, I hadn’t found the stamina to be a creator until I established myself as my biggest audience!

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