The creator’s ego and why it is bad for you

Creating content is like having babies, sometimes you plan for them, sometimes they just happen and you realize “Okay, maybe having a baby is not a bad idea.”

No matter how their inception might have been, with passing time you develop a bond with them. And then you try to raise them well, turn into good human beings when one day the woman living in your neighborhood knocks at your door angrily to complain about your baby.

Well, how do you feel then? No matter what sort of parent you might be the first thought that comes to your mind (at least for a second or a shake) is “Hey that’s my baby you are talking about? How dare you say that?”

Well, same is the case with creators and makers and their content. They are attached to their content. They become proud because they have created something, and in most cases, even develop an ego that’s very hard to get away from (at least for the naive one’s).

Every bad comment, review starts pinching them.

And that’s not the worst that can happen when you develop an ego, when you become over possessive about your stuff.

Sometimes creators become so blinded because of their ego that they even fail to differentiate between suggestions, constructive criticism and bad comments and end up chirping out unprofessional, disgusting responses.

And that’s the most common thing that happen to people when they develop pride, the worst thing can’t be determined by anyone.

So developing the ego, can it be avoided? No, and till a certain point it’s good to be little proud about your work.

But, is there any way to avoid the worst?

Yes, stay focused, always remember your best is yet to come, you are moving towards perfection but haven’t reached it yet and most important be modest, be good to people, because in the end, they are the ones who make or break you.

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Next Post – Criticism and bad reviews. (coming soon)

13 thoughts on “The creator’s ego and why it is bad for you

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  2. Edit, edit, edit. It’s a hard lesson! When someone (whose opinion I trust) reads my work and stumbles over a sentence, it’s usually a sentence that I love and REALLY want to keep. As hard as I stubbornly fight to keep it, I know immediately that it has to go. Once I turn off the ego and strike the sentence, I’m usually fine, but it’s amazing how much the ego wants to bristle! Great insights.

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