Cheaper Devices, Greater Accessibility, Wider Reach

“You are reading an excerpt from the free e-book Self Publishing in 2013. You can download it here.

Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, devices that cost a lot will become cheaper, who knows, even free.

Yes free, but why would someone give away devices like Smartphones and e-readers for free?

Well, it’s all about the ecosystem. Let’s say you bought a Kindle reader, a one time investment, and just a few dollars of profits for Amazon. But think of all the books you buy from the Kindle e-store and will continue to buy, Amazon takes its charges for all the books you purchase and that’s where the real money is.

That’s how it works in the Android ecosystem, the Ios system. Every time you purchase an app, these companies make a profit. So there is nothing to be surprised about if someone in the future says to you “Hey! Have heard about that free Smartphone.” It’s possible , because they want you to become a part of their ecosystem.

Now for you, as a self publisher it means a greater number of potential readers. After all, a recent study says that most of the tablet users spend the largest portion of their time reading.

A little advice : Different devices mean different sized screens, make sure your book is formatted perfectly for the perfect reading experience on all the devices.

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