3 ways anonymous apps can improve your writing



Online anonymity will be the only anonymity we will have in upcoming days – A popular tech blog

The growth of apps like Secret,  Whisper, Yik Yak etc has shown the growing need for anonymity in our lives. These social networking apps work like Facebook but have one gigantic difference,  anonymity. You can share your experiences, photos,  ideas or  anything without letting the others know who you are. These apps promote open discussions and social interactions among people unmatched by any other platform.

But do you know that these apps can make you a better writer too? Here are three ways anonymous app can help you become a better writer –

1. Know what’s interesting – Reality is stranger than fiction. These apps prove that this saying is nothing but true. People share true instances (hopefully) of their lives that will make you think ” Seriously, people do that?”. You can browse the top most posts in your area or all over app and get some really cool ideas for your stories.

2. Validate your ideas – Do you have some story ideas in yourmind? Do you want to write down some of your life instances as a book? Can you summarise your ideas in a few words? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must share your ideas on these apps. See what works, observe what people are liking and work on those ideas to churn out interesting content.

3. Open up – One of the biggest advantage these apps provide is the ability to be yourself without any fear of what others will think of you. Make this advantage work for you. Being bold and open about yourself is a great feature to have as a writer. Share more, connect more, be more open and awesome.


Do you know of any other ways how these apps can be used for improving your writing? Share your ideas in the comments.

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