The best note taking apps you can download right now.

1) Evernote

I love to try different note taking apps but keep coming back to Evernote. Undoubtedly the best note taking app out there. Available on all the major platforms with never ending list of features, this app is a must download.

2) Google Keep

Google Keep is the best note taking app for you if you are looking for something that’s beautiful and simple. It packs all the necessary features for a note taking app. Go for it if you find Evernote too overwhelming.

3) Onenote

Onenote from Microsoft is a surprisingly well made product. Create shopping list, jot down your ideas, take pictures, Onenote is ONE Microsoft product to NOTE down as a must download.


5 Words — Improve Vocabulary

An app that improves your vocabulary 5 words a day. Get daily reminder, hand curated new words along with translations in multiple languages. Did you know you help feed a kid in India when you download this app? Download now.

4) Simplenote

Definitely one of my favorites, this lightweight app is simplest of ‘em all. If you want a good looking app (it recently got the material look) that syncs your notes so that you can access them anywhere, this is your app. Made by the guys who brought you WordPress.

5) Colornote

This one packs a punch. Sticky note widgets, password lock notes, online back up and sync, reminders, the ability to save organize colors (just like Google Keep) are just some of the features of this note taking app. It provides the most natural note taking experience for sure.

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