A better blogging platform?

I recently questioned people on quora “Medium vs Quora, which is a better blogging platform?”. These are relatively new blogging platforms and if you have time, feel free to check them out, they are really good. Unfortunately I was unable to receive a suitable answer and had to research myself. Here are the results :

First of all, both the mediums are way different (and way less developed) than regular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and so on.

To review both the platforms, I posted my most liked post from my blog on both the sites. Here is my experience:

Medium – First of all, Medium is great looking — the UI, readability, everything. There is nice content rolling in already. But still I don’t get it — what’s all the fuss about? I mean Medium is a well-made product but nothing revolutionary or such coming from the guy who brought us Blogger.

The editor is easy to use but lacks a lot of features. I know another startup named Marquee that lets you create beautiful content too just like Medium. When you post something, you have to put it in a collection or you can create one.

I posted my article in a collection hoping to get more visibility. Right now, you may get to see posts in a collection that are not relevant to it but is a great feature.

Plus there are no like, dislike or share buttons. You can recommend something (which is simply sharing the article on Twitter). Plus I noticed that you can select a particular text and add notes to it. That seemed pretty great.

Medium is great for collaborative purposes. It’s going be great for people who create content together but as far as others (the majority) are others are concerned, they would not mind sticking to their current blogging platform. Another thing that I noticed that unlike others blogging platforms, you don’t get ayou.Bloggingplatform.Com sub-domain.

Let’s talk about stats. After posting my article, I got 4 views within 2 days.
I know it’s not a lot. But there is a particular section in stats called Reading Ratio which displayed 100% meaning people who clicked on the headline actually read the full post (that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling).

Overall Medium is going to appeal to a certain section of users for now but that section is going to love it. In fact, I like it too but it still needs a lots of improvements.

Quora as a blogging platform — well there’s nothing much to say except that it’s unbelievable in terms of views. I know when the Quora team officially introduced the blogging platform they talked about how much traffic users already get on an average. My post received 50+ views within two days, no posting to other sites, nothing. In fact just after refreshing the page after posting my article I received 4 views and after another second, 7 views.

The editor is kind of usual, not so pleasing to the eyes but has all the features one needs to have. Though the final result is nice and highly readable. You can share, comment and so on.

The only thing that makes Quora a better blogging platform is that your post can be discovered by people (most of them actually willing to read your stuff). And just like on everything else, you can see who exactly viewed your post, which is more than amazing.

As of now I guess I will use both the platforms, after all it just takes a moment or so for posting your stuff but my inclinations are largely towards Quora because of the community of readers here.

Here is my blog (not my primary one) on Quora – That Creativity Blog.

You can read the article that I have posted on the both the sites there.


The creator’s ego and why it is bad for you

Creating content is like having babies, sometimes you plan for them, sometimes they just happen and you realize “Okay, maybe having a baby is not a bad idea.”

No matter how their inception might have been, with passing time you develop a bond with them. And then you try to raise them well, turn into good human beings when one day the woman living in your neighborhood knocks at your door angrily to complain about your baby.

Well, how do you feel then? No matter what sort of parent you might be the first thought that comes to your mind (at least for a second or a shake) is “Hey that’s my baby you are talking about? How dare you say that?”

Well, same is the case with creators and makers and their content. They are attached to their content. They become proud because they have created something, and in most cases, even develop an ego that’s very hard to get away from (at least for the naive one’s).

Every bad comment, review starts pinching them.

And that’s not the worst that can happen when you develop an ego, when you become over possessive about your stuff.

Sometimes creators become so blinded because of their ego that they even fail to differentiate between suggestions, constructive criticism and bad comments and end up chirping out unprofessional, disgusting responses.

And that’s the most common thing that happen to people when they develop pride, the worst thing can’t be determined by anyone.

So developing the ego, can it be avoided? No, and till a certain point it’s good to be little proud about your work.

But, is there any way to avoid the worst?

Yes, stay focused, always remember your best is yet to come, you are moving towards perfection but haven’t reached it yet and most important be modest, be good to people, because in the end, they are the ones who make or break you.

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Next Post – Criticism and bad reviews. (coming soon)

Creating content, failing and winning, and grabbing consumer’s attention

We are consumers. In this golden era of creating, there’s much more content than there ever was. People are consuming content like never before. Content that’s funny, intriguing, touching, informative and most importantly… interesting.

Now given the fact that creating content and distributing it has become much more easier and that there are more consumers than before, does that mean that anything you will create will be gobbled up by the people? Does that mean if you are a maker, you can make a lot of content just by making content?

Well the answer, and everybody knows it, is NO. In this digital era where a lot of great content is available for free, where it’s hard to grab people’s attention than ever, how you make your content stand out in such a monstrous crowd? There’s no definite answer.

And after you realize how difficult it is just to grab attention, to get noticed, the idea of making money may seem preposterous.

Well…. it’s not, it’s not impossible to make some profits out of your content or (in case you are not interested in making money) to get the attention that your content deserves.

Yes, there are different rules according to the type of content you are creating, but nothing can be guaranteed. So what, you fail, yes you do, at least for once.

“But I believe, the staircase towards success has a lot of steps called failure.”

So what in this world you can actually do to be recognized, well… as a maker one thing you can surely do is make stuff. And just because you can make something doesn’t mean you should be making it, until and unless you are able to enjoy your creations yourself as a consumer. There are people out there, a lot of them, hungry for content that’s funny, intriguing, touching, informative and interesting (as fore mentioned). So make you content just like that and even if you fail, just remind yourself, you are a step closer to success.

May the force be with you.

Next Post – The creator’s ego and why it is bad for you. 

The best habit ever developed – The habit of Making

Over the ages, human beings have acquired a tendency, or may I say a ‘habit’ to be precise, one that’s hard to abscond. And that is about making things. Human beings love to make things, manifesting their thoughts into tangible bits and pieces (directly or indirectly).
Consider this instance, you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for your girlfriend, you wait and wait, look around for a while until your eyes fall at an unsuspecting tissue paper. You pick it up and the very next moment you are drawing a human figure on it which resembles the lady sitting in front of you (or at least you think so). The credibility of such an instance taking place is very high, at least from what I have observed and learnt waiting for various people at different eateries.
Also the most remarkable thing is how that habit of making stuff has transcended from one form to another, adapting itself to keep up with the times. From early men painting on the walls to graphic designers making the computer screen their canvas, the process of making has been ceaseless.
And that brings me to the digital era we are living in. It’s an era in which the process of making stuff has become even more awesome. It’s an era where everyone is a creator, a maker, an author (think blogging), a musician (think of all the software and other stuff that are making the process of creating music so easier) etc. Not only the ‘making’ is easier nowadays, it’s even easier to distribute your stuff. In short, digitization and inter-connectivity are the best things that have ever happened to our habit of making stuff, and one can only hope and work for even better things happening in the future.
I accept the fact there are many cons to the digitization stuff (we’ll talk about them later), but one can’t exclude the fact that the pros outweigh the cons.

Next Post – Creating content, failing and winning, and grabbing consumers’ attention.